Hospital Ruins

Hospital Ruins
November 28, 2009 Lainie Liberti

Our time  living here in Granada, is coming to a close as we prepare to leave next week. We’ve spent two wonderful months getting to know this city, studying Spanish and interacting with and contributing to this community at large. Today, however was for us, as Miro and I spent some time walking around Granada and saying goodbye.  We attempted to  capture it’s beauty through images and this is one of my favorite sets, to date.

Please enjoy my photo gallery of the hospital ruins, located on the outskirts of Granada. Our Spanish teacher Katia was born here, 20 plus years ago.

20 years ago. The 80’s and the 90’s were turbulent times in Nicaragua’s history. Much violence, civil war and a failing economy. In addition to the ideological differences between  FSLN, the Somozistas, and the  Sandinistas, the American involvement with the Contras fed more violence. I wonder how many people perished on these hospital grounds due to those politics? I wonder…

(more on Nicaragua’s history here.)

Today it stands in varying degrees of decay despite of  the personal stories of the Granada’s residents.   Walking through the ruins, I could sense the energy of human history, including the emotions surrounding suffering,  healing,  birth and death, all of which took  place where we stood today.

What’s left?  Decaying walls containing  the authentic human story.

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