Burning Plans, Burning Preparations

Burning Plans, Burning Preparations
August 26, 2009 Lainie Liberti

Get Read, Get Set, GO!

The past few days have, of course been a whirl wind, but luckily I found this packing list, on this site, and it’s been all so useful. Here’s where I’m at and many of the suggested packing items we opted out of:

Tent (The taller tents are harder to keep up in the wind – they need to be well secured with guy wire. I use two dome tents. One is my “bedroom” and is sealed up all day (dust free) and the other is for storage, clothing, etc.) GOT IT -Borrowed from Sashya, (see below for more).

Warm Sleeping Bag! (and Extra Blankets?) and pillow(s) – GOT IT, Miro and I have our already for our trip

Air Mattress or Cot (you lose a lot of body heat through the ground) GOT IT – Had one

Foam Ear plugs – GOT IT

Tarp or old carpet (that goes under the tent) GOT IT -Borrowed several from Sashya and Heather

Lantern (battery operated for inside of tent) GOT IT -Borrowed one from Heather

Propane tent heaters – I have a Coleman ProCat XXX

18″ rebar stakes! (I use straight rebar and stick pool noodles over the part that sticks up. A more – traditional option is to use rebar with tops “U’d” over for safety) & small sledge hammer GOT IT -Borrowed several from Sashya and Heather

Fluorescent surveyors tape/ribbon (tent ropes) + Rebar covers  XXX

Shade Structure (for the front or better over of your tent / rv – Easy-Ups, Parachutes) –XXX

Camp chairs, Lawn Chairs, inflatable furniture, bean bags, hammocks, old couches, GOT IT -Borrowed from Sashya

Folding table – amazingly useful – (for cooking, bar, etc) GOT IT -Borrowed from


Old carpeting /ground cloth – to keep dust down in your living area GOT IT -Found it on the side of the road by Mom’s

Duct tape, bungee cords, cable ties, work gloves (why ask why?) GOT IT Bought at the hardware store

Rope (paracord/550 cord from Army Surplus stores) GOT IT Bought at the hardware store

Tiki Torches (and Fuel) (use with caution – tent safety, anchor with rebar stake) XXX

Cook Stove & Gas + waterproof matches GOT IT -Borrowed from


Pots, pans, biodegradable dish soap, scrubby GOT IT -Borrowed from


Small tub to wash and collect gray water GOT IT -Borrowed from


Extension Cords and Power Strips (if you are taking a generator) XXX

Battery powered Christmas Lights (L.E.D. last so much longer) XXX

Battery operated radio (for Radio Electra, Radio Free Burningman, etc.) GOT IT -Borrowed from Sashya

Extra batteries GOT IT Bought at the hardware store

Bike(s), tire repair kit, tools, air pump, lock, spare tube (see Playa Bike page) XXX

Bike lights – please make sure you point it down so as to not blind people. Wear lots of glow/blinky stuff to avoid being hit by an art car 🙂 And remember to decorate your bike! GOT IT Bought at the hardware store and borrowed from Heather, even though we don’t have bikes, we decorated our bodies with these

In addition, I borrowed a large 2 room army tent, ice box, tools and 5 gallon water containers from Sashya.

Also, I borrowed a utility belt from Heather and many costume accessories.

Additionally, I bought a plastic three drawer shelf to store things in our tent, food , drinks, alcohol, random costumes and hats for Miro and I.

Last, I rented a mini-van for 7 days, totally over $700.

So far, I have spent well over $1,000 not including my ticket and gas. But I think we are finally ready and excited for our first burn!!

Be sure to visit this link, for the full packing and preparation list. It covers, food suggestions, to toiletries.. It was an extremely helpful resource, thinking I’d be lost without it.

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  1. Evan 11 years ago

    Hi Lainie,

    I created a printable burning man checklist, would you mind linking to it? Hopefully you like it!



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