Living in the flow

Living in the flow
August 12, 2009 Lainie Liberti

The cycle continues

We headed back to Cancun to stay with our couchsurfing hosts, Eric and Manolo. They are a gay couple, Monolo, a Mexican who lived in Los Angeles for many years and Eric, a native of France, have been life partners for over ten years. They work together, travel together and entertain together. Both are amazing artists, painters, and designers. But more impressive was they had the formula down, whatever it takes to keep their relationship alive. It was inspiring to experience and I absolutely loved being in the creative energy of this pair, from the get go.

We arrived at their house which was so inviting, beautifully decorated, warm in feeling, rich in color. There was a mix of African and Mexican influences, overstuffed pillows and velvety textures in every inch. The paintings on the wall were theirs, pure expressions of their individual perspectives mingling in perfect unison. At the time, the front of the house was undergoing construction, as they were adding a huge pond and fountain to the tiny courtyard. The adjacent living room included french doors that completed disappeared when open and invited the outdoor garden and future koi pond into the living space. I was so excited imaging what it will look like once it’s finished and hoped someday I’d get that opportunity.

Eric and Monolo have a client who has a magnificent condo near the end of the hotel zone with a pool right on the beach. After we got settled, they invited us to spend the day there. We agreed and boarded the local bus, headed back to the hotel zone, keeping an open mind.

The condo was exquisite. Modern furnishings, spectacular view, phenomenal kitchen. We spent the day beachfront, at the large modern pool. The edge of the pool, closest to the ocean had a waterfall effect, and Eric told us it was called an “infinity pool”. From the lounge chair at the side of the pool, it looked as if the pool dropped right into the blue ocean beyond. It was a perfect place to relax, have a margarita and soak up some sun. Miro loved the pool and remained in the water for well over three hours.

Later that evening, we set off to one of the specialty stores on the tourists retail strip with a mission in mind. We entered the perfect upscale wine shop which seemed to have everything we needed. We selected two bottles of Italian red wine and some brie, french bread, apples and grapes. Yes, a feast was in store for us.

We returned to the condo just before sunset and settled comfortably on the patio to enjoy the view from the fifteenth floor as the sun dropped like a fireball into the sea. We noshed on the wine and cheese and chatted well into the night like a group of old friends. Sometime after 10:00 pm, Monolo announced it was time, they would be there soon, and we better head down to the beach if we wanted to see their arrival.

There were many tourists already gathering on the beach, selecting their posts, keeping a watchful eye. As I looked down the beach I saw many motionless groups of people littering the beach for miles, illuminated by nothing more than the glow of the moon.

Groups of volunteer wearing yellow t-shirts, patrolled the beach shores, standing on guard, ready to protect. Then, little by little, small wades of water near the ocean shore were forming like little triangles. From the waters emerged enormous sea turtles, as they waddled awkwardly on the sand. Their massive flippers so important to swimming seemed to be in the way of their walking as they made their way up the beach. Then, one by one, they stopped at seemly the perfect location. From our vantage point, we could see flying sand, as their bodies went deeper and deeper into the holes they were preparing.

These sea turtles had been coming to these beaches for hundreds of years and this location was vital to their cycle of life.

These sea turtles emerged from eggs laid on this beach and returned to lay their own.

These sea turtles didn’t seem to mind that these once empty shores were now lined with tourist properties.

These sea turtles didn’t seem to care that wealthy Americans and Europeans paid a premium price for the privilege of using these beaches.

These sea turtles didn’t seem to be bothered by the drunken college gringo crowd just beyond the shore.

These sea turtles were at peace and presumably without a thought, did what they intuitively need to do in order to sustain the cycle of life.

It was such a gift to have witnessed this.

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