Universal language, soccer!

Universal language, soccer!
July 21, 2009 Lainie Liberti

Healing the world one pass at a time

Last night, Miro and I stumbled upon an enormous playground. It was the kind of playground I’d expected to find at an amusement park or a paid admission zone.  It was space age, high-tech with all the most wonderful swings, slides, bars, jungle gyms for optimal play time. It was about 8:00 o’clock when we arrived, but still steamy hot. Miro ran around from attraction to attraction enjoying himself.

At one point, a boy around his age kicked a soccer ball over to him. For the next 40 minutes I watched these two boys play soccer, kicking the ball back and forth, ball bouncing on head without a shared word between them. There were hand motions, smiles and grunts, but not a single word as Miro didn’t’ speak a word of Spanish and this kid didn’t speak a word of English.  Miro was a pale skinny lad with long hair, and his friend was a tall chubby brown boy with a crew cut. But none of that mattered. Differences didn’t matter, language didn’t’ matter. The only thing that mattered was that soccer ball and the exchange they shared. And that was nice.

Last night at the Plaza, Miro & I started playing soccer w/a supermarket kids ball, b4 we knew it, 35 kids were playing with us! So much fun! 7:43 AM Jul 20th, 2009 via Twittelator

The next day, Miro was so excited about playing soccer. We bought for him a supermarket ball, red and rubbery. The very next night, after ice cream of course, we headed to the central park. The park really wasn’t a park with open grass, rather similar to the traditional colonial-style-central-park with concrete all around, benches to sit on , trees for shade. But mostly concrete. We started to play kick-ball with the red supermarket ball. Before we knew it, 5 kids came over to join us. Then 2 more. Then a group of 8 kids. And before we knew it we had 2 teams of kids from ages 6-16 playing soccer in the park. Wow, this soccer thing is powerful!

Again, the magic of the island has shown me simplicity and grace and how we all participate in this thing we call  humanity.

Thank you Cozumel.


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