Hot island nights

Hot island nights
July 18, 2009 Lainie Liberti

Hot island days too.

Yes! (Reception on my iPhone) 2 amazing days in Playa del Carmen our host Cyndi is great, off on the ferry soon to Cozumel for 5 days. 🙂 9:35 AM Jul 16th, 2009 via Twittelator

We were excited to be leaving Playa del Carmen. We liked it, it was very different then Cancun, but still a tourist location. It reminded me of South Beach, with the boardwalk shopping, and the beach shops. The streets that lined the boardwalk were filled with international restaurants, menus boasting American prices. Not my expected experience of Mexico, but we’re open to discovering what’s around the corner, off the beaten path.

We left more than half of our shit at Cyndi’s and packed up Miro’s large pack for the both of us plus one of the day packs. We’re getting better, but still feel like we’re hauling around too much. Guess it will be a process of letting go a little at a time.

Loving our little apartment in Cozumel, thanks to our host Ivan. Miro & I stopped for a cafe con leche b4 jumping back into our dune buggy 11:12 AM Jul 17th, 2009 via Twittelator

We arrived off the ferry, and were greeted by 20 men all trying to get us to rent a moped, rent a car, stay at their hotel, take a tour… My hand up and a simple “no gracias” seemed to suffice. Cozumel’s streets are based off a grid. We were easily able to track down Ivan’s apartment. We called him to let him know we arrived and he said the key is hidden just above the door. Ok, another ghost couch surfing experience, but what the heck. The apartment is a teeny one room studio apartment. It has a small bed and a hammock hanging through the middle of the room. There’s a small refrigerator and small hot plate and an equally small bathroom off to the side. It’s perfect, and for that, we were grateful.

We’ve been here for 2 days now. We explored the town center, which is really a grid of streets boasting local restaurants and shops. Most of them on the outskirts are utility shops, serving the every day resident, shoe repair, panadaria, pharmacy, party store, etc.. The closer to center town we get, it becomes more apparent the shops and restaurants are catering to tourists. The many travel and tour companies are a dead giveaway. We walked our first day and got acclimated with the town.

Yesterday we decided to rent a car, a little blue stripped down dune buggy so we could explore the island. There aren’t any local buses that go around the island and the only way to go to one of the beaches is to either rent a car or a moped or take a tour from one of the tour companies. We opted for a $35 a day rental, ours for the next 3 days.. Oh well, there goes our shoestring budget.

Miro says “liquor store, 711,another liquor store, cemetery, Mexicans , ahh just like home.” 11:43 AM Jul 18th, 2009 via Twittelator

Today we drove around the island, stopping at several of the beaches. It was fun having the wind in our hair and feeling the freedom to just do and explore. No place we have to be, nothing we have to do. Driving around we see many things that remind us of LA. 7-11s, liquor stores, random shops.. Not so different, but yet worlds apart.

Miro is a real fish. He loves the ocean, the water and it’s so wonderful to see him play. I watch him sometimes and wonder if he realizes what an amazing adventure we are on, or if this all seems like a giant vacation. I know our trip just started, and I’m finally starting to unfraggle, de-stress, relax. I have wide open eyes but I fear I haven’t quite yet settled comfortably into my new skin.
It’s hot here.

Did I mention it’s fucking hot????

Sleeping in the heat is very difficult.

I’ve been (trying) to sleep in the hammock. The problem is, it’s hot. It’s made out of synthetic material so I’m sweating into it and it feels sticky against my skin. It’s not as comfortable as I thought it would be. I get up to put a cold wash cloth on my forehead every couple of hours for some comfort, but it’s not the best help. Also, the mosquito are having a feast on my juicy American flesh. Miro and I both are getting bit, but he sleeps right through anything.
I suppose it’s a lesson in tolerance. I’m not complaining, just communicating here and now it’s one of those life situations less desirable I need to deal with.

Are you buying this shit?


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