Viva Las Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas!
July 3, 2009 Lainie Liberti

July 3, Day 3 Road Trip

Viva Las Vegas! – Good Morning Colorado River on Telephone Cove! Beautiful! 8:39 AM Jul 3rd, 2009 via TwitPic

omg, finally understanding the culture behind the term “river rat”. 4:05 PM Jul 3rd, 2009 via Twittelator

The sleep in the camper was just as hot at the previous night, but there seemed to be more of a breeze. That was good. However, the campground was very very noisy with families drinking beers, lighting fire pits, etc. No worries, though, it was all part of the plan.

We were able to spend the entire morning in the river, playing, splashing and digging in the sand. Henry was having the time of his life, playing with our neighbors Lahso Apsos girl puppies. He was the main “stud dog” of the beach and loving his new title.

We had a wonderful morning  and afternoon playing in the River. We chatted with a lot of our campground neighbors and I finally understood the term “River Rat”. Some of the people we spoke to, have been coming to this spot for years. Many were from California, but we did meet people from as far away as New Mexico. One of our neighbors had a jet ski and took Miro out for a ride.

Just after 3:00 we had to start getting cleaned up for the drive into Vegas to pick up Miro’s dad Greg, at the Vegas airport.

Insert here, how this trip came about so it all makes a little more sense:

Before I mentioned the trip to Steve, Miro and I were going to either rent a car and do this trip ourselves, or we considered taking the train to the Grand Canyon. The idea was to see a little of the South-West, spend a little time with Greg before we left the country and have our own adventure before Miro and I  left for Central America. When I told Steve, who helped me move, he became super excited and wanted to do this trip with us, but now, as the day approached that we had to pick up Greg, his demeanor changed, just a bit.


Back in Las Vegas, heading to the airport to pick Greg, the back to the river for 1 day, then Grand Canyon bound! (north rim) 8:02 PM Jul 3rd, 2009 via Twittelator

We unhitched the camper, locked it up and set out towards Las Vegas. On the road towards Vegas, dusk drew near and just on the horizon, I saw my first electrical storm. It was as if  lightning bolts from Zues, zapped down on distant parts of the desert. It was an incredible site and I thought I could actually feel the electricity in the air. As we got closer into Vegas, Steve became more and more agitated. He wanted to got to a Walmart to get a part for the camper and get gas as well. We were getting close to the time we were supposed to pick up Greg, but he insisted on doing that first. He became very confrontational and Miro and I just clammed up.

We did indeed have time to find the Walmart and Steve got what he needed. We got to the airport, Steve and Miro parked the van and I headed out first to meet Greg. After abut 20 minutes, Greg appears from the arrival gate. If you have never met him before you wouldn’t’ be struck with how much weight he has lost and how gaunt his face looked. Nevertheless he did look like he had a rough 6 months or so, since the last time we saw him. There was, something else… he was drunk! He was drunk, giggling, and totally light and silly. I actually hadn’t seen Greg like that in ages and it was great to see him not feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders. Miro and Steve appeared, Miro ran up to his dad and gave him a big hug and almost knocked him over! Steve whispers to me “That’s your ex-husband?”. I look at him with a proud smile and say “Yes, he is.” something I don’t thing Steve understood. Steve’s frustration with Greg was apparent, right out of the gate. Oh well, this should be an interesting week to say the least…..

A few hours later when we finally made it back across the desert, and back to our campground, we arrived and things were different, slightly out of place, but it was dark and hard to tell exactly. Our chairs had been moved, and the people that were camping next to us had moved down the beach a little.  Then Steve realized what happened. The awning that comes from the side of the camper to provide a shade structure was completely discombobulated. The posts were bent. The canvas was torn. Steve flew into a rage from 0 to 60 is 2 seconds flat. Miro and Greg just stood aside and I tried to calm him. It took a bit of loud cursing, but finally he cooled down a bit. I made some margaritas and we tried to chill within the tension of the night. For tomorrow was a new day…. or so we thought……


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