Hit the Road Jack!

Hit the Road Jack!
July 1, 2009 Lainie Liberti

July 1, Day 1 Road Trip


Early morning in LA, almost all packed up, moving out of Andrea’s, hitting the road, heading to the Grand Canyon, ready for a soy latte, 6:51 AM Jul 1st, 2009 via web

Yes! We’re off! Not rested, but ready to go. Must tend to details first. Yes, details, details. First, drop off car at my mom’s, bring things to storage, but basically, we’re hitting the road, Jack!

I’ve never done a week long road trip before and happy my friend Steve was excited to go with us! He’s driving his van and hauling a camper he picked up pretty cheap. We’re sharing the cost of gas and we’re going to pick up Miro’s dad, Greg along the way. It should be fun!

I do, however, have mild trepidations surrounding the giant crush he has on me and no number of talks on the subject seem to squash his hopes. Our talks sound something like this:

Me:  “I like you as a friend, nothing more, we clear on that?”
Him: “I know, but I love you guys…..”
Me:  “just as friends, right?”
Him: “well…. there’s always friends with privileges…”
Me: “not going to happen, Steve.”
Him: he smiles.

Ok, this should be interesting, nonetheless. We hit the road, my midwest “buddy” loves road trips, has maps galore and much experience traveling around in a camper.. This should be interesting.. Miro, Henry and I get settled in the front seat of the van, ipod charged and maps within reach. Steve knows which way we are heading and as we excitedly start out for our trip, the anticipation grows…


http://twitpic.com/8z2zn – on the road, day 1, traveling with our 2 mascots. #roadtrip 2:07 PM Jul 1st, 2009 via TwitPic

We stop off at Walmart, just before we cross over to the Navada border. Gotta stock up on supplies, and thinking a margaritas are in order. The sheer scale of the store was enough to send my head spinning, but alas, we made it out of there in 1 piece…


About to go into my 1st Walmart ever, god help me, don’t tell Reverend Billy 2:40 PM Jul 1st, 2009 via Twittelator

http://twitpic.com/8zcqe – Mission accomplished 3:27 PM Jul 1st, 2009 via TwitPic

We arrived at our first destination, a small campsite on the south end of the Havasu State Park Reserve. The campground was quaint and there weren’t a lot a people there. We used the ‘self-registration’ when we arrived and it looked like there was place for 50 other campers, only there were about 2 or 3. Could it have something to do with scorching heat? The campsite was at least situated next to a small portion of the lake which looked rather inviting. The beach front was lovely and not very deep and the surrounding landscape looked more like a forest. Ah, yes, this will make a nice home for the night. We’ve got shelter and tequila, What else do we need?

Camping culture

Not being a big “camper” in my life, there’s things I’m simply not used to.  That’s ok, I adapt easily…

Things I’m getting acclimated with:

  • 120 degree heat
  • folding chairs
  • camping stove
  • bunk bed sleeping
  • camper toilets
  • 120 degree heat
  • desert scenery

This Cali-native is trying to access her “inner white trash”.. I went to Walmart, after all.  Wish me luck.

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