Squirrel: Busy gathering nuts, preparing for the future…

Squirrel: Busy gathering nuts, preparing for the future…
June 1, 2009 Lainie Liberti

I’ve been noticing squirrels everywhere over the past week. They’ve woken me up in the morning, playing right outside my windows. They’ve caused me to stop my car in the middle of the road while they decide to cross the street. They’ve ran up and down the trees in front of every time I take Henry out for a walk. No matter where I go, there they are, showing me their busy selves continuously over the past week. Thought I was going crazy, knew I was not. Nevertheless, a quick “google” (yes, it’s a verb) and voila! I found the meaning of squirrels, as a power animal or totem animal.

According to one site:

This animal also teaches us the importance of preparedness. No animal is busier than a squirrel during autumn, as it gathers nuts and seeds and buries them.

And another site claims the squirrel is the symbol of joy, abundance and resourcefulness. This resonated so much with me, (I really love this):

Your money worries are over, for the squirrel will teach you how to manage your resources. With squirrel power within you, you will find it natural and easy to set aside money for those future projects and to provide for yourself during slower times from the money you saved during flush times. Your financial acuity will increase as you find yourself developing new habits.

But the squirrel is no stranger to fun. You will find you can handle money easily and then spend the remainder of your daytime hours scampering up a tree and chirping to your fellows. The squirrel knows how to balance enjoyment of the lovely summer’s day with doing what needs to be done to provide for the coming winter.

The squirrel will infuse you with this spirit of the seasons, helping you to enjoy each one, providing amply for yourself and your loved ones no matter what life brings.

The squirrel also brings the gifts of persistence, resourcefulness and tenacity. When he sees what he wants, he finds a way to get it.

What a relief it will be to have these strengths come easily to you, just by breathing in the squirrel energy and putting an awareness before you of different ways to live, enjoying today as fully as possible, while also setting aside for tomorrow.

Not sure if I believe in this or not, but it really doesn’t matter. I love it when the universe reminds us in little ways that we are on track and life is being reflected back to us in symbols to affirm what we need to know.

Thank you squirrel. 😉


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