Girls, Girls, Girls!!! Clothing Swap Extravaganza

Girls, Girls, Girls!!! Clothing Swap Extravaganza
February 19, 2009 Lainie Liberti

One of the ways I moved through the preparations of getting rid of everything was to have a clothing swap night at the loft, just before we moved out. I had racks and racks of clothes, belts, shoes and bags ready to give away, to charity, but first,  thought a little dress up party with wine and fashion shows were in order. I invited around 20 girlfriends over and invited them to clean out their closet as well and participate in the clothing swap. We had a blast, was real fun seeing the girls try on my old clothes, costumes and bags and see them model the new fashions on our fabulous runway.   When girls wanted the same outfit, they had to “work it” to a walk off. I even came away with a fabulous pair of leopard print pumps.. Now when will I ever need that backpacking though the jungle, well, you never know…

Here’s the email invite I sent out and scroll below for pictures from the night.

It’s a green way to enhance your wardrobe.

Clothing Swap Extravaganza indeed! As most of you know, I’m moving out the country, getting rid of everything so for me it’s more of a clothing give away, but thought it would be fun for you all to get rid of some items you weren’t attached to anymore and turn the whole thing into a party! To participate, you are asked to bring at least 1 item in any of following catagories:
1. Shoes
2. Dresses
3. Skirts or Pants
4. Tops
5. Jackets
6. Bags

The more you want to get rid of the better. For every item you bring, plan on bringing at least that many items home with you.

We’ll do a fashion show, thumbs up thumbs down voting and an all around girlly good time!

Last, I am asking everyone to bring a bottle of wine, saki, champagne or beer. Your choice!!! Gonna be fun!

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