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Here’s our (growing) collection of links to other travel blogs, resources, travel related sources that we enjoy. If you’d like to be included on our list AND have linked back to us,  please send us a  quick note here.

Family Travel Blogs

We love that I’m discovering more and more families who are traveling around the world together! So inspiring!!

1 Dad, 1 Kid, 1 Crazy Adventure

Another Single parent family, this time a Dad who is setting out to  travel round the world with his 9 year old son Tigger.

Act of Traveling

Explorations of trends, cultures and countries – Posts about traveling the world with children, in  hopes to inspire others to visit these destinations, alone, with your partner or even with your family!

Edventure Project

Follow the Miller family as they combine adventure with education, thus creating “edventure”! They are a family of 6, who have been on the road full time for five years. With four kids, aged 10-16 they are traveling for the same reasons Miro & I find ourselves on the road: to see the world, give back, and raise our kids to be world citizens! Bravo Millers!!

Escape Artistes

Single parent family travel round the world. Travel, food, kids and single mummy stuff.

Family Adventure Project

A beautifully written blog + website full of stories, ideas and inspiration to help families to get out, get active and benefit from adventuring together. Stuart and Kirstie’s blog includes 10 years worth of ideas, experience and real life stories that capture the joys and challenges of active independent family adventure, from day to day mini adventures at home to once in a lifetime trips.

Family on Bikes

A family showing that adventure doesn’t have to end the moment Mr. Sperm meets Ms. Egg. Their most recent adventure of cycling from one end of the world to the other may not be the most traditional of family vacations, but it might be the most rewarding.

Gone with the Family

A new blog from a Mom who has been travelling for more than 14 years with kids in tow – one trip at a time. Includes personal trip reports as well as news, tips and musings about traveling with kids and keeping everyone in the family reasonably happy.

Living Against the Flow

A family’s journey ‘Exploring what it means to think… and live… outside of the box’.

Our Travel Lifestyle

We are an ordinary Australian family who simply decided that there has to be more to life than the day to day that we were experiencing in the years leading up to this trip. The decision to pack it all in and travel happened quite quickly. We have now been on the road for over 470 days and plan to continue indefinitely.

The Bohemian Travelers

Family of 5 adventurers. Mom, Dad and 3 amazing boys,  We started on our quest to escape the rat race five years ago in Costa Rica and haven’t looked back since.

The Sattvic Family

Holistic and artistic unschooling family, traveling the world.

Tripping Mom

Parenthood – The Ultimate Destination- Tripping Mom is a blog about exposing some of the accepted methods of education that may not be natural or good to us and our children.

Worldschool Adventures

Letting the world be our teacher by traveling slow with the little ones in tow!

Vagabond Journey

How to travel the world perpetually on a budget of under $500 per month. Home of By Wade Shepard, a world traveler for 12+ years, and his wife and now 3 year old daughter.

Vagabond Kids

They are an upper middle class family living and working in Singapore. They have lived in Asia for almost 13 years and have loved and learned from every single minute. There are four Vagabonds in the family, Vagabond Dad (aka Jeff), Vagabond Mom (Kristy) and the Vagabond Kids. The Vagabond Boy(D) is 9 and Vagabond Girl (K) is 7 going on 13.

Travel Resources

Plan Your Escape® – Unhook Now… for Life!

Sharing useful travel ideas and unique bargain-finding strategies.

Single Parent Travel

An invaluable resource for the traveling single parent. They believe that travel is probably the greatest educator and single parents deserve to travel as well– without being penalized. (We agree!!!)

Travel Experta

Marina and her family have been living in Central America for over 10 years and traveling non stop in Latin America. They are about to embark on a new journey to Santiago, Chile. Her blog is all about traveling with your family to Central and Latin America.

Wandering Educators

A global community of educators, sharing travel experiences.

We Blog the World

We Blog the World is an online travel and culture magazine focused on unique experiences and events for the savvy, discerning traveler.


Volunteer South America

Free and Low-Cost volunteer work in South America


A Day in the Life

A story of a one family’s journey though  faith, life, and transitioning from homeschooling into unschooling.

Boyinks 4 Adventure

The Boyink family sold everything and committed themselves to a vibrant and life altering life of travel.

Carrie Sayer

Carrie is an unschool mom who writes about family life and her family’s personal journey toward entrepreneuring independence.

This blog was created in 2011 to help people shake the school mentality that defines learning in many false, distorted ways. After 12+ years of attending school, there are certain ideas that have been impacted into our brains of what learning looks like. Namely, school teaches us that learning is dull, hard work that must be forced on us; that it only takes place behind a desk with a textbook, in a certain institution, and with a teacher to show us the way; among many other erroneous things.

Enjoy Parenting

Enjoy parenting written by Scott Noelle. The site is  a resource for parents who believe that children are innately good and that responsive, natural, creative parenting is the best way to foster their goodness.  Lots of great information, inspirational, informative and entertaining content including The Daily Groove and parenting forums.

Elizabeth Ashley

Choosing Radical Well being– Elizabeth writes about embracing life and learning as she goes. She is a self described as “natural,  intentional, questioning,  discovering, learning, loving, living, being here to inspire.” Her writing is always thought provoking.

This site is the home to the Radical Unschoolers Network, where radical unschooling families and those interested in radical un-schooling can share experiences, plan events, and learn more about radical unschooling.

I’m Unschooled. Yes, I Can Write.

Idzie is a grown unschooled young adult who writes about her unschooled life, tackling questions and misconceptions on a wide variety of topics.


These are our thoughts, contemplations, happenings and changes that are occurring of one family’s life as they continue to learn and grow.

Joyfully Rejoicing

A great resource with tons of content from everything from homschooling, unschooling learning, deschooling, to socialization, video games and so much more. Tons of content broken down by subject. Even includes homeschooling learning resources.

Laurie A. Couture

Parenting Coach, Consultant, Author and Speaker- Laurie shares her thoughts about  unschooling, child’s rights and attachement parenting. She is the author of the book, Instead of Medicating and Punishing: Healing the Causes of Our Children’s Acting-Out Behavior by Parenting and Educating the Way Nature Intended.

Learning Happens – Unschooling Observations and Opinions

Huge resource of content written by Pam Sorooshian,  mom to three daughters, Roya -27, Roxana – 24, and Rosie – 21. Pam is an unschooling advocate, college economics teacher, and theater box office manager. She listens to a lot of audible books, drinks a lot of (decaf) coffee, and plays games and writes about everything unschooling.

Living Joyfully with Unschooling

A wonderful site including unschooling resources, blog and articles. There is much helpful unschooling content and within the articles section  you will find new and  previously published articles and conference talks to read for free.

A site to “help you discover how to employ self-directed, life-based learning in your own life and/or that of your child.

Living the Unschooling Life

One family’s personal blog about their unschooling journey.

Matt Hern’s Blog

Matt is the author of Deschooling Our Lives and six others books that empower adults, children and teens. He is the founder of Purple Thistle Centre, an ‘unschool school’ that offers a wide range of eclectic and creative opportunities for kids, all free.

Mommy Labs

A blog written by an unschooling mom in India. Rashmie is a big believer of self-motivated learning. Self-motivation, is the key to creative thinking. Every single soul is born with the potential for creativity in his/her own right. Give the right nurturing environment and it will bloom and blossom. Leave him/her in an environment that only recognizes test scores and grades and you axe it before it could kiss the sky.

Parenting for Social Change

Teresa Brett, unschool mom and author of Parenting for Social Change, writes often and deeply on parenting issues that will give you much to think about and effect personal change.

Pat Farenga

Pat is the former publisher of Growing Without Schooling magazine and longtime friend of John Holt. He has unschooled three daughters and continues to think and write about freedom in education.

Peter Gray

Peter Gray, Ph.D., research professor at Boston College and blogger for Psychology Today. Children come into the world with instinctive drives to educate themselves. These include the drives to play and explore. This blog is primarily about these drives and ways by which we could create learning environments that optimize rather than suppress them. Peter has also written a fabulous book, Free to Learn.

Project Unschool Peru

Project Unschool Peru is a 15 day ‘unschooling’ retreat in November, 2013, taking place in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Together, we will create a temporary learning community , co-creating natural learning opportunities surrounding archeology, ethnobotany, sacred plants & medicines, agriculture, sustainability, Andean mysticism and much more! (This is a project Miro and I are working on together)

This site is home to one of the most influential unschoolers in the world, Sandra Dodd. Her website is a large, and growing, collection of unschooling and parenting wisdom from decades of experience, both her own and others.

Seeking Joyful Simplicity

Michelle and husband Carl write about unschooling, learning to live simply, healthfully, fully.

School is Optional

“School is optional” is more than a slogan. It is a fact. School is optional for learning. School is optional for success. School is optional as a place to attend and spend one’s teen years. The site shares information on how to develop a self-directed learning program for teens in your area.

The Intuitive Parent

A blog written by Robin Whitcore. Robin writes, “My passion also lies in empowering others to make the best decisions they can for their children and their families as a whole. I not only draw upon my over fifteen years of hands-on experience but also the life lessons that I learned as a child. I believe that no matter how you were raised, or how others tell you to raise your children, you can find a way to stay connected to your kids as they grow.”

The Life Humblings

Unschool mom Nadine writes about a thoughtful life of rethinking everything in life, from traditions in parenting and mothering to living and eating and playing.

The Loving Path

Living authentically, naturally,  hearts filled with love. A perfect description for a wonderful unchooling family’s blog.

The No-School Kids

A Homeschool Retrospective: This blog is a mother-daughter collaboration, looking back at more than 20 years of a family experiment in child-led education

The Single Crunch

Kimberley is an unschooling single mom who writes passionately and boldly on attachment parenting, unschooling, gentle parenting, single parenting, breastfeeding and lots more.

The Whole Mama

Exploring passion- led, self-designed living. Blog written by single stay-at-home unschooling mom talking about her journey raising free-thinking, empowered human beings who trust in their own intuition and inner guidance about their path in life. She writes “The only tricky bit to this for me was realizing how much I had to stretch and grow to embrace those qualities in myself to be able to model them and foster them in my kids.”

Touch the Future

Michael Mendizza, writer for HEM and dad of a grown unschooled son, writes thoughtfully and provocatively on a wide range of issues that effect us all: vaccines, food, healthcare, education, parenting and more.

Unschooler Experiment

It all started as a journey to make sense of the world. To make sense of the giant experiment that is homeschooling and self-directed learning. Written by unschoolers for unschoolers.

A wonderful site dedicated to providing detailed and helpful information on everything related to unschooling and home-schooling. You’ll find local support group listings, news, articles, book re-commendations, and links.

Unschooling Lifestyle

Sara McGrath’s site- Free resources for self motivated unschoolers to design your own education

Unschooling Supermom 

Once a conventional single parent, I found my way to unschooling and peaceful parenting before it was too late.