Touring La Paz from Above [VIDEO]

Touring La Paz from Above [VIDEO]
October 2, 2015 Miro Sevin Siegel

By Miro Siegel

During our 6 week stay in La Paz we were invited to take part in a tour focused on the different teleferrico lines and the history behind them and the city below

"Vista A La Linea Roja" by TheGamerJediPro - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons -

“Vista A La Linea Roja” by TheGamerJediPro – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons –

Our tour guide was named Damien and he’s a certified doctor in the city of La Paz. He was incredibly knowledgeable in Bolivian history, cablecar mechanics, government practice, witches and their practices and much more. He was an amazing guide.

And a Renaissance man of sorts.


The Teleferrico tour took us all over La Paz; we traveled up the Red, Green and Yellow line, which took us to some intriguing places of interest, such as the Cementerio or the prison of San Pedro. It provided some great insight to the history of Bolivia and La Paz, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested.


Here’s the follow up interview my mom did with Damian from HanaqPacha Travel.


Logo HanaqPacha


If you are interested in booking a tour with HanaqPacha Travels, please contact them using the info below. Be sure to tell them that you are a “worldschooler” for a very special offer!

Maya Sagárnaga
Calle Jaen #734
La Paz-Bolivia

Cel: (591) 720 20 310 – (591) 762 01 005

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  1. Ryan Ward 9 years ago

    Seems like an amazing place. I never really thought about colonialized cities versus cities that were taken over down there in South America, but I can see how they would be worldly different now. The amount of culture and lack of commercialism down there in the places you two visit is what I love about it most. I hope to make it down there with my daughter some day and follow in your footsteps. Thanks for the videos, writings, and inspiration. I will add this “red line” tour of things I need to do once we get down there!

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