Perma-Travelers Guide to Must-See Destinations

Perma-Travelers Guide to Must-See Destinations
October 6, 2014 Guest

Visiting gorgeous beach destinations is the goal of every perma-traveler, and those destinations must be worth visiting. When a traveler is on the road to places like the Grand Palladium Punta Cana, they need to be sure that the destination is worth the investment on their way around the world.


Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Waikiki Beach

You may think that you have seen it all when you go to Waikiki. This beach is familiar to many, but has a lot to offer in its subtle nature. Not necessarily the most private of beaches, people flock from all over to view its beauty. Mark this down as one of many must-see’s to experience all the fuss for yourself.

Monte Carlo

When you hit the beach just outside Monte Carlo, you need to remember that you are in the Riviera. The Riviera is a place that has been home to princes, playboys and stars for decades. A simple walk down the Riviera and you can find the ideal spot just like that – a landscape full of sandy paradise. You will likely see some celebrities and be able to take in a scene that people of high caliber have flaunted in for decades.


When visiting Bali, it won’t really matter what beach you are on – it’s just that breathtaking. Going through the turmoil of getting to Bali is well worth this the view and crashing waves. Be sure to travel light and plan ahead. Pick the locations you plan on visiting, for you don’t want to spend all your time commuting – experience the treasures nature has to offer.

What are some of your must-see destination across the world?


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