Mrs.Changes Meets Mr.TakeAChanceWithMe.

Mrs.Changes Meets Mr.TakeAChanceWithMe.
March 19, 2014 Lainie Liberti

This message came across my timeline. I read it, exhaled and felt incredible peace inside… It said:

Live your life. Take chances. Be crazy. Don’t wait. Because right now is the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll be… ever again.


Now is all there is. There is an impermanence to everything consisting of subtle deaths and a constant rebirths. I’m just getting used to this process, welcoming it’s waves… And just as we get used to one thing, it all changes. Rather the opportunity to change or venture down a new path comes along.

People show up too, in unexpected ways. And there are always many surprises.

I’ve never had any problems dancing like no one was watching. I’ve never had trouble taking chances. For me, I have been guided  mostly through inspiration and my heart. And sometimes the heart has led me down the trail of heartbreak too…

My greatest gift? I am a mother. Blessed, happy, fulfilled, engaged, enchanted… I love being Miro’s mom. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

But I must reconcile the “mom” thing with also being a breathing passionate woman.

And I have been single now for a good while after my involvement and heartbreak last year. That man….. Oh that man did my head in, broke my heart…

It has taken me time to recover from the woven thread of betrayal that he wrapped around my heart. Took much time to unravel the hold he had on me and heal those wounds.

Now, once again I have started to dance again in my power and breathe out loud. I feel the joy flowing freely back into my heart and I like it. And now, I see the events of last year, the events with Mr. Betrayal in totally different light. I can finally say the pain is no longer present. WHEW.


Now I know what THAT feels like.

Done. Next. I am Mrs. Changes. Mrs. Adaptability. Mrs. I’mMovingOn. But what of Mrs. TakingAChanceAgain? Is she anywhere to be found?

I. Am. Not. Sure.

At least I was not sure.

Enter a new man.

Mr. FreeSpirit. Whole. Passionate. Super Tranquilo. (…In fact, he has the most incredibly mellow energy I’ve ever come across in my life.)

Enter a man with a connection to my spirit that is indescribable. (You know, that kind of connection poems are written about, songs are sung, movies are made…)

Enter the most improbable man I thought I would ever get involved with…my mind reciting all the reasons why I should stay away….

But there he is. And he thinks that somehow I’ve bewitched him. And I think the same of him.

My initial thoughts were, this is Mr. Improbable, Mr. NoWay, Mr. TooYoungForMe and Mr.ThisIsImpossible.

But soon, I recognized those were the words of my fear, not coming from my heart at all. Then, I realized none of those were his true name.

Live your life. Take chances. Be crazy. Don’t wait. Because right now is the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll be… ever again.

Yes, that came across my mental stream again, reminding me of who I really am. And then, his name was revealed to me.

He is Mr. TakeAChanceWithMe.

Um, OK! Mr. TakeAChanceWithMe is calling and I am opening up more and more to the possibilities of doing just that.

Mr. TakeAChanceWithMe wants to dance with me, and I am finding my comfort in letting him lead….

hearts You can read this post translated into Spanish here:

La Sra Cambios Conoce al Sr DameUnaOportunidad.

Thank you so much Fernanda Detza for your loving assistance.

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