Year in Review -2013 – Oh what a year…..

Year in Review -2013 – Oh what a year…..
December 31, 2013 Lainie Liberti

Highlights & lowlights of 2013 – Year in review


Didn’t want to write a long laborious post about the year, as I’ve NEVER been one comfortable with spending too much time in the past. But here it is, our bullet list of significant events, thoughts, experiences and challenges that encompassed our 2013. I am grateful you took this trip with us around the sun, and look forward creating many more incredible things in 2014. Have a blessed year, my dear friends.

Lainie’s list of memories from 2013


Played in the snow. 883150_10151922790927224_711582008_o


Spoke at our first in person conference and two online conferences.


Fell in love. marc


Had my heart broken.


Connected with other amazing single traveling-unschooling moms and their kids ( Love you Alice, Joy, Rhoni, Alice, & Shara!)






Couch surfed with a lovely Mormon family.


Hosted a 5 week mini retreat with 7 people, 4 teens, 3 adults. (Week 1  |  Week 2  |  Week 3  |  Week 4-5 ) 1009519_10152026569502224_39286967_o


Took a 3 day ancient pilgrimage to a glacier high in the Andes.


Got my hair braided by a sweet indigenous girl. 736901_10151863840207224_1862051628_o


Had a complete emotional break down after many hours to travel then fell into a state of deep gratitude by the kindness of one of our readers. 


Picked up a rock to defend myself.


Cooked my first turkey in over 5 years (for Thanksgiving). 858972_10152327475672224_1801629599_o

Moved to a new house and painted the walls. 1396938_10152292681447224_1787173726_o

Participated in my first despacho ceremony (honoring pachamama or mother earth). 1012302_10152062474022224_808240783_n

Marveled at the wonder of the ancient site called Sayhuite

Hosted over 40 couchsurfers! 1402227_10152284139017224_1482591486_o

Started making art again. 1271443_10152184304642224_310603817_o

Had an article published in USA TODAY. Enjoyed the hail on my birthday.

Wrote my first fiction short story.

Miro’s list of memories from 2013


Besides Peru, I visited Ecuador, Panama, California, New York, Ohio, New Hampshire, Washington DC and Massachusetts. 7841_10152016706292224_230996927_n


Launched my online store.


Bought a guitar (just need to learn how to play now) and a new computer with my own money. P1230905


Launched a writing project (but still haven’t finished it- but you can read 22 stories now).


Had my  first paid writing job, published an article on a national blog.


Went on my first trek to Laras (just me and a friend).


Went to Qoricancha with the famous researcher Brien Foerester.


Saw my dad.  421802_10150550364162224_2112231054_n


Sat in the back of a freight truck for 6 hours driving through the windy roads down the side of a mountain to get to the amazon jungle. 67914_10152075763642224_1952038701_n


Held a sloth named Backpack.  1005724_10152076104442224_2133305296_n

Learned how to juggle. 546828_10151743555917224_101609913_n

Ate 28 hamburgers in 10 days. 1234943_10152203251062224_815763065_n

Got recognized in Ecuador, even though we weren’t there in over 2 years. 

Was hypnotized.

Explored Joshua Tree. 72877_10151956369162224_2008769078_n

Ate a fruit pizza. 1277631_10152180546917224_861245892_o

Planted an urban garden. 778845_10151803022592224_1097888268_o

Reconnected with one of my uncles.

Learned a lot about ethnobotany and liked it.  1011093_10152034103397224_1021144071_n

Sat on a lot of buses (over 200 hours worth during 2013).

Llamas, llamas, llamas.


  1. Corinne 10 years ago

    Cute lists…great photos…very inspirational. I hope 2014 is just as fulfilling for you.

  2. Wesley 10 years ago

    Great photos, I hope you have a great 2014

  3. David 10 years ago

    That was one heck of a year … you packed more living into the 365 days of 2013 than most experience in 30 years … impressive!

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