100 Stories- 100 Days – Short Story #22

100 Stories- 100 Days – Short Story #22
December 23, 2013 Miro Sevin Siegel



It’s burning. Everything is in shambles as I watch the beautiful flames flicker and dance. I blocked the exit with a parked bus; no one should be able to escape. I intently listen to their screams as they perish, one by one. Sirens blare in the distance.

I wake up. I’m lying in a bed, my arms are being held down as I watch men with surgical masks take me apart. I can’t feel anything, nothing but wonder. I peer into my own flesh wide-eyed, the sanguine fluid dripping out of the gaping wound leaves a trail of red on my body. There is a piece of metal inside of me. They’re not taking it out, rather, they’re putting it in. Expanding upon it. I turn my head to see more. They notice my lucidity and quickly sedate me.

A deafening roar from the air sirens. A woman in a gas mask shoots my mother.

I start to chop my third finger off; the pain is the only way to stay awake. If I close my eyes, he’s there, with his scarred and pale skin. I get up and quickly fall, I’ve already disposed of my toes.

I observe my prey, she frets and tries to break free. She was calm before I turned on the lights. She must have seen the end product.

There are corpses all around me. I stare into the desolate wasteland. I see nothing of interest. I want to cry; I want to grieve, but the time for that is long past. The corporation has deprived me of all emotion. I am bereft of my humanity.

I watch a young boy runs to the corpse. He isn’t allowed time to be upset. To be miserable. He lives in a harsh and cruel world.

The trap on the door opens, snapping me back to reality. They brought me food. I slowly pick at it with my few fingers. It’s not long before I fall back into the depths of my mind. My memories haunt me, as they should. I’ve done horrible and unspeakable things. I stare at the padded wall and weep in preparation for what comes next.

It’s burning.

What is this? it’s part of the NEW PROJECT: 100 Stories- 100 Days – Send your suggestions for stories by submitting a title and genre and I’ll write it!


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