100 Stories- 100 Days – Short Story #15

100 Stories- 100 Days – Short Story #15
August 23, 2013 Miro Sevin Siegel


Able Spirited

They’ve invaded my home. This is my realm, and I’ll be damned if these pests corrupt my sanctuary.

There are 4 of them. Two boys and the parents. I watch them daily, as I raise my power, lying in wait.

One of the boys, Jason, I think his name is, is a coward. The natural creaking of the house as it settles, awakens him from his sleep with a start. He is extremely neat, to the point of insanity; If a poster is even a few degrees crooked, he will drop all priorities and deal with it. He isn’t very popular, and of the few times I’ve watched him sleep, I can tell that his dreams are littered with ridicule and judgement, possibly reflecting his social life.

The other boy, Lucas, is the polar opposite of his younger brother. He often gets into fights with his parents, and constantly harasses his brother. The room that he inhabits is in a state of chaos and entropy at all given moments. Lucas appears to be quite the popular one; as him having company is not uncommon. He acts fearless, and his inner psyche backs it up. I’ll have fun breaking him.

The parents are unremarkable, at best. Very bland and dull, I have nothing to report here, except that they seem incredibly unhappy with their relationship.

I’ve stored up enough power to take them all. I intend on doing it tonight, after they all fall into the confines of sleep.

The parents were the first to be taken, my cold grasp waking them as I pull them into the abyss. Jason was next. He let out a brief shout before he was swallowed into nothingness.

His brothers shout must have woken him, as Lucas was in the hallway, looking for his family. I could have ended it there, but why waste such a golden opportunity?

I grabbed him, the mere touch making him flinch in sorrow and pain. I materialized, forcing him to into my eyes; The portals in between this world, and the next. I opened my mouth, watching his vital life essence ooze from him. I swallowed it, hurtling it through the ethereal realm. I shriek in his ears, dooming him to hear the echoes of fallen generations.

I fall to the ground in weakness, my energy drained. I’ve finally taken back my home, my realm, my life! Wait… OPEN HOUSE!?

What is this? it’s part of the NEW PROJECT: 100 Stories- 100 Days – Send your suggestions for stories by submitting a title and genre and I’ll write it!


  1. Emy 9 years ago

    Perfect! Gloomy and funny, plus you brush the human’s characters perfectly in a few words. Go Miro!

  2. bee 9 years ago

    I’m disappointed to read how harshly judgemental you are of these people.

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