Unschooling Teens in Peru – The Last Week (and a half) [Page 3]

Unschooling Teens in Peru – The Last Week (and a half) [Page 3]
July 30, 2013 Lainie Liberti

Back in Cusco

We arrived back in Cusco on Saturday night.  The plan was, the gang would leave for Machu Picchu on Tuesday. We just traveled from sea-level altitude back up to Cusco’s 3,400 m or 11,200 ft. Surely the group needed at least two full days to start feeling acclimatized, once again. The group was flying to Lima on Saturday with the exception of Xavia and Shauntae who decided to take the 22 hour bus ride back to Lima instead. Their bus left on Thursday, which meant, in order to go to Machu Picchu AND feel somewhat acclimatized first, they would have to leave early Tuesday morning.

Machu Picchu

Miro and I decided not to go to Machu Picchu with the group solely for financial reasons. We had outspent our budget by almost triple at this point, with all the excursions, travel and extra expenses. Although Miro and I have both been to Machu Picchu before, I would have loved to experienced it with the group, but frankly, we just couldn’t afford it. But Luke and Shauntae were both going, so I knew the teens would be looked after.

By the time Tuesday rolled around, Devin decided he didn’t want to go and would rather stay in Cusco. Perhaps he wasn’t feeling great because of the altitude, or maybe he was a little homesick. Regardless, we were happy to have him here, and since Miro and I were staying back it wasn’t a problem at all.  (As it turns out, Shauntae decided at the last moment not to go either since she didn’t want to be “rushed”.)

Lorene and I prepped the gang on the route, busses, collectivos to take, the normal costs and the landmarks to look out for. I had gone to the South America Explorers Club and had maps printed out for them. Early Tuesday morning Luke, Xavia and Ben left on their journey.

I was not there with the group, so I cannot write about the experience. But from the looks of Xavia’s amazing photos, they seemed to have had a great time.

To Machu Picchu

photo by Xavia Claire Vicente

To Machu Picchu

photo by Xavia Claire Vicente

To Machu Picchu

photo by Xavia Claire Vicente

to Macchu Picchu

photo by Xavia Claire Vicente

The Last Days

Xavia, Luke and Ben returned back from Machu Picchu late Wednesday night. This would be everyone’s last night together since Xavia and Shauntae were leaving the next day on the bus headed for Lima.

The rain came, and the girls headed out. I hugged Xavia, and knew in my heart, I was so grateful I met this beautiful soul whose spirit deeply touched me.

The Climb

Miro and I had two final days left with the boys, Luke, Devin and Ben. Ben slept here and the boys were up, loud and enjoying their time. On the second to last evening, the boys went rock climbing at a gym dedicated to the sport. The physicality of it looked amazing and all three of them seemed to have a great time.

rock climbing

Photo by LoreneSudAmerica

rock climbin

Photo by LoreneSudAmerica

 The Final Goodbyes

The last day was full. We had a wonderful breakfast together, gathered up all the usual suspects! Scott, our resident ethnobotanist joined us along with Stephanie, his girlfriend and of course, Lorene my dear friend (and hiking guide) joined us for the send off.


And then, the gang set out through the city for a little last-minute shopping. (Did you all get your presents?) 



I’m certain, this trip to Peru will always be remembered. Each one of us created strong ties in one form or another. Some of those ties are to specific experiences, particular places or individual adventures.



The trip was not just to Peru, the trip was a voyage into each other’s hearts.

And there we found much more than we ever anticipated.


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(for more photos by the amazing and talented Xavia Claire Vicente, please visit her at flickr)


  1. Shara 11 years ago

    Always LOVE hearing about your experiences! You guys Rock! Thank you so much for sharing this…. awesome pics!!!

  2. Christina 11 years ago

    I can not begin to express my gratitude for this beautiful documentation. I have unlimited love and gratitude for all you did to make this an amazing experience for Xavia. She’s glad to be home with her family, but misses you and Miro everyday. xo

  3. Franca 11 years ago

    You guys have experienced so much in this trip, saw so many places, met people and especially learnt a lot about relationships too!

    This trip will definetely have a special place in your memories 🙂

  4. Jolene 11 years ago

    O my goodness! How my heart sings to read your blog and see the pictures, and I am there! Think you! And I hope to join you in travels one day!

    As for why people may not have read all 3 pages, perhaps some people are not highly interested or have other priorities and ran out of time. Perhaps, in the future, you can expect this to be the case and say the things that are most important to you in the beginning. All part of growing your blog.


    • Jolene 11 years ago

      Meant to say “thank you” not “think you.”

  5. Dayna 11 years ago

    I am so grateful for all you did for Devin and the others on this trip. It was an experience and gift that enriched Devin’s life so much.
    You are a beautiful soul and our family will always be connected to yours because of it. Devin got the package he mailed himself yesterday and we all got our gifts. Our home is filled with amazing memories.
    Thank you. We love you guys, Dayna

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