Reflections of Travel

Reflections of Travel
July 8, 2013 Lainie Liberti

Looking through the mirror of travel

Miro in Peru

photo by Xavia Claire Vicente

Travel provides countless opportunities in terms of growth, introspection and connection to ourselves and the world around us. Because travel demands that the traveler becomes acutely present, the external experiences often times mirror our internal state of mind.

The experiences we have through travel often provide an opportunity to unveil naked reflections of ourselves, if only we take the time to notice. Only not everyone perceives travel as the same opportunity, to look inward, as many become fixated with the outer experiences only. But I have seen life so brilliantly and accurately depicted as a reflection of my inner world, one only needs to penetrate the outer illusion with presence in order to benefit from the inner teachings.

Yes! Life provides lessons, opportunities for growth and there’s so much to be gained through these reflections.

Why does the outer world reflect so perfectly your inner state? Think about it. Your perception is all you have. Regardless of the scenery, the landscape, the situation, you can only experience the world through your own personal lens. This lens is adjusted, fine-tuned every waking moment as we make unconscious decisions about who we are in each and every moment. For those who unconsciously become the emotion, the feeling, the reaction to whatever is going on their minds in the a moment, the outer world is perceived through those filters, regardless of what is independently out there.

Additionally, most realize that if you place your attention on a thought, a feeling or an emotion, you tend to experience more of that.

Hmmmm…. So if the outer world, is a reflection of the inner world, what do you see? Are you happy with what you see? Do you notice what the world is reflecting back to you as a gift?

So, why is travel any different from “ordinary life”?

Because through travel, you are provided with an opportunity to be acutely present. Silent at times. Aware at others. Wide-eyed. Amazed. In joy. Light.


Being present to your life, both the inner and outer worlds is where growth happens. It is possible to be this way during “ordinary life”, but from my experience, there are too many distractions, obligations, stresses and reasons to check out.

So why travel?

Travel to explore the outer worlds, while what we are doing is really diving deeper into the inner worlds.

Through travel, we experience our outer world as being in a constant state of flux, ever changing scenery, people and experiences. For many, travel stimulates, creates a sense of excitement and invites the traveler to stay in the moment, stay present. As travelers, we become acutely aware of life’s gifts, each moment, a new experience is being created, sustained, changed, transformed and then destroyed. Upon observation, this seems to be the normal state of affairs, and an analogy for life in general.

No experience remains the same as it is as the laws of nature prevail.

Travel presents the invitation to not get attached to any outcome as travelers, we are conscious that all situations are temporary, all slices of life are fleeting and every experience is worth remembering. But going into every new location with the wide-eyed wonderment of a child, we are more apt to remain present and open.

Travel to Escape?

Most travel slogans tempt you to travel to “ESCAPE”! But of course, one never escapes from oneself.

But why is travel associated with escape? Because it seems “escape” is a simpler solution than going inward, being accountable for your own reality, and facing not only the fears, but the ugly truths about oneself that people may not be ready to deal with.

Sometimes people travel to escape loneliness. Only they will find loneliness wherever they go because the loneliness resides in them. Sometimes people travel to escape fear, only they will find fear wherever they go since fear exists internally. Sometimes people travel to escape boredom, they will find the dissatisfaction inside, wherever they go. Sometimes people travel to find themselves, they find, they have always been right there all along.

Travel as Reflection

Perhaps travel provides us with a point of access, that most are unfamiliar pursuing.

The reflection of humanity is found in oneself. The reflection of kindness is found in oneself. The reflection of connection to one another is found deep inside of oneself.

The world reflects what has always been inside of each one of us.

Travel is simply one door to to experiencing yourself.



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