INTERVIEW: Follow Up with Conscious Community Creator [VIDEO]

INTERVIEW: Follow Up with Conscious Community Creator [VIDEO]
February 11, 2013 Lainie Liberti



Connecting Communities

Two years later, I sat down with David of, and the organizer of the 2010 Conscious Convergence in Guatemala that we attended in Guatemala. I speak with Dave about his ideas of intentional communities, eco-villages, sustainability, indigenous communities, plant medicines including ayahuasca, and holding a vision to create a new forms of energy exchange.


We featured Dave in a Podcast Episode #5 – Community, Sustainability & Alternate Forms of Energy Exchange

Exploring new models for sustainable living and creating a community of unity.

This episode includes Lainie & Miro’s experiences at the Conscious Convergence gathering July 17 & 18, honoring beginning of the Mayan 9th Wave on Consciousness, an era of “unity”. Also included in this episode is part of a round-table discussion exploring sustainability and alternate forms of energetic exchange. Lastly, Lainie talks to yoga teacher and massage therapist Holly who shares her travel experiences.  [Listen to the podcast here]

Green New World & The Conscious Convergence

We are a network of individuals dedicated to the development of our planet and the life it sustains through the creation of consciousness-transforming, healing projects, and centers around the globe.


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