Cusco Adjustments [VIDEO]

Cusco Adjustments [VIDEO]
September 17, 2012 Lainie Liberti

Altitude & Attitude

It’s not often I make a conscious choice to be kind and gentle with myself. Since moving to Cusco, I’ve had no choice, really. It’s a big adjustment for me. Miro loves the cold, loves the mountains, whereas I love the warmer climates. But I’m happy to be here.

But what I do love about Cusco and living in the Sacred Valley is the absolute richness of the culture, history and archeological sites.

And besides, we have learned to give and take, compromise and allow new experiences and function as a team (Miro & I) . As you’ve likely noticed, we approach our travels as a partnership.

So, here we are, I’m learning to be kind to myself, taking it easy and trying to get used to the cold, the altitude and our new life. Here’s a video I made early last week, talking about those adjustments.


  1. stefan 10 years ago

    What a great post !
    Great scenic back drops, lovely presenter,
    However talk about scaring one into generating niggling doubts.
    one word did it for me…


    Im living in the Whitsundays – Queensland, Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Its tropical, hot, average 25 degrees celcius.

    I only own tee shirts and shorts… and do you think i can find a warm jumper/jersey?

    I fully understand where you are coming from Lainie….

    Please next post… a warm fireside? hot cups of chocolate? anything to generate warm fuzzies ?

  2. Scott Hartman 10 years ago

    Buenos Dias Senorita . . . Cuzco! How cool (cold, maybe;). I have nothing but great memories (and over 30 year-old memories they are:) of Cuzco and Peru in general. We’d come to Peru to do an attempted first descent of a river (Rio Pampas). It was my first international trip, and I had no idea that the Adventure would start well before the river . . . we rented a Datsun pickup and a VW Beetle (orange) in LIma, loaded our boating gear, eight men, and hit the road for Ayacucho/Cuzco. Popped every tire we had . . . three days across the altiplano . . . and then Cuzco . . . I can still hear the flute echoing through the midnight streets from my perch on the balcony of the Hotel Virrey. That sound, and the memory of it, was the catalyst for my second book – finished twenty+ years after the hearing . . .

    Blessing to You and Miro
    que te vaya bien

  3. Eric 10 years ago

    The choice to be kind and gentle to yourself is a wonderful thing to do. Sadly, I find that too many people forget to treat themselves well in this modern day ‘rush-rush’ world. Yes, please be kind and gentle to yourself — doing so will help ease the transition to your new surrounds. That plus a cup of hot tea to keep warm! 😉 Thanks Lainie.

  4. Atticus 10 years ago

    Nice post. My wife and I are headed to Cusco (and Machu Picchu) in a few months. I’ll be interested to see how we handle the long hike (inca trail), cold, and the altitude. Cusco looks beautiful though judging by the backdrop in your video.

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