Sand Dune-Buggy Surfing Safari! [VIDEO]

Sand Dune-Buggy Surfing Safari! [VIDEO]
August 8, 2012 Lainie Liberti

Huacachina is made for adventure junkies.

Dune buggies, sand surf-boards and adrenaline. A teen age boy’s dream!  The waves of sand last year round providing an endless season for sandboarding and buggying that will give you an awesome rush.  Sounds like a teen age boy’s dream. (And yes, I had a blast too, besides the fact that I had two sprained ankles.)

First, the buggy.

Looks safe enough, right? Well, the buggy was benign, but our driver was a hot-dogger!  I think the scariest part was driving through the dunes, circling around, up and down and sideways.. hold on for dear life!

And the surfing, was a lot of fun. The great part in my opinion was that I really didn’t go that fast, the sand itself created a resistance. Oh, especially if you dragged your legs behind you. But Miro didn’t bother.. feet up, speedy zipping down the mounds, mountains of speed….

…and Miro’s take (in his own words):

What can I say?

It was awesome.

Alright let me take a step back. What I’m talking about is that time we went sand surfing, which didn’t happen too long ago. Let me start at square one. About a week ago my mom and I went to Huacachina to have an adventure in the sand, and while we did get an adventure, we also got a lot more (Like soiled pants). Basically, They round you up in town, and then they board you on a Dune (Or as I say, Doom) Buggy.

You then enter the park, and that’s where the bumpy ride starts. If you’re lucky enough and get one of the better drivers, you’ll have a great time, if not, it’ll be terrifying (It’s actually terrifying either way but you’ll have a better time with a good driver). Think you’re gonna have a calm ride?

Have fun sliding down the mountains? Not be frightened a bit? Well, you can think all you want, but it will be scary no matter what, on the other hand, it’s a blast.

And my mom even got into the action too!

I probably didn’t make it sound good, but it’s A LOT of fun. Just try it. Seriously. What are you still reading this for? Get your ass to Peru asap.

For reals.


  1. Eric 12 years ago

    I love the photo of the dog with the sunglasses! Very cool dog! lol

  2. Eric 12 years ago

    The sandboarding looked liked a lot of fun! Perhaps a bit scary at first, but well worth the experience (hey how many folks get to try out sandboarding!) I’m glad that not only Miro went but mom as well! As Bart Simpson would say “kewl”

  3. Jennifer 12 years ago

    This really looks like a lot of fun! We’re going to Dubai in November and are considering a dune bashing and sandboarding excursion. I think you just sold me!

    • Author
      Lainie Liberti 12 years ago

      It’s a ton of fun! Can’t wait to read about your adventures!

  4. Laurel 11 years ago

    Holy cow! That looks like so much fun! Honestly, I would hope for the bad driver 🙂

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