The Living Colors of the Huaraz Market – A Photo Essay

The Living Colors of the Huaraz Market – A Photo Essay
March 9, 2012 Lainie Liberti

A Photo Essay of The Women of Huaraz, Peru

The marketplace in Huaraz was one of my favorite places. The people were friendly and the exotic sights, sounds and smells will remain imprinted in my memories for years to come. The market was mostly filled with women most of whom were indigenous. Some live and work in the surrounding  mountain farms, some live in the city proper but  all were dressed in their brightly colored traditional frocks, with layered thick quilted skirts, heavy stockings and tall felt hats. I enjoyed smiling at these women, whom all had a smile in return for me.

We hope you enjoy this photo essay.

Inspiration is everywhere. This post is supported by folks that like to take photos too! They suggest you hire a car to find your own inspiration.  


  1. Rachel Tayse 12 years ago

    Beautiful! I always feel funny about taking pictures of local people when we travel. Do you ask permission first?

    • web design 12 years ago

      I don’t think they know english and we cannot learn the local language most of the time, in my case I just take the pics with or without their permission.

  2. Leora Novick 12 years ago

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  3. Invoice 12 years ago

    They look more fashionable than those tourist and personnel of Peru. Anyway, I only wonder if they just sell those rabbit meats and some bushes just to buy that television. I could give my extra T.V set on them. I  was inspired on their dedication on their work.

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