The World is Our Classroom

The World is Our Classroom
April 20, 2011 Lainie Liberti

Long-term Family Travel

“Experience, travel – these are as education in themselves” ~Euripedes

Miro on his computer in Guatemala

Child-Led Learning = Unschooling

The philosophy behind unschooling is that children will learn what they need to know when they are ready and want to learn it and this flows through every other aspect of life. The whole essence of unschooling is that children, when empowered will learn based on their interests.

I’ve seen games spark Miro’s interest in mythology, quantum physics, history and culture. We’ve had an open platform to discuss humanity, violence, and choices because of video games. I’ve also seen Miro’s research skills improve as the internet and google are second nature to him. I didn’t like going to the library when I was his age to research because it was so overwhelming, what a drastic change for this generation.

I have discovered by virtue of being in this world, we can’t help but to learn. Children learn naturally and retain so much more when they are engaged and leading the process themselves. I realized this just by watching Miro blossom and be empowered. What an authentic gift!

Education happens.

A child learns no matter what. If a child is engaged, interested and empowered, he or she will learn. Parents, there is no to feel stress over the process, since children are learning from your stressful thoughts. Simply trust and they will learn.

It is apparent how much Miro is thriving, learning guitar, singing, writing stories and has become fluent in Spanish. He has recently declared he wants to be a cryptozooligist when he grows up, based on his fascination with creatures. He writes about them here, in this series:

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  1. villa ibiza 13 years ago

    Truly said that our world is more than a classroom…and one can learn so many interesting things here by their own….Miro’s interest is itself of learning is the live example here….

  2. Harrold Dillon 13 years ago

    True that nowadays, children are more exposed on internet. I’m impressed with how fast they learn things through searching it. And true, I am not like those children in my childhood years. Well, total parental guidance is very much needed though.

  3. david 13 years ago

    At my time there was no internet, no television even, no phones.. what a beautiful world was it, getting in touch with nature all the day long, playing with pets, football and other games among kids from our neighbourhood.. I know these are times for todays but still I do believe that avoiding internet and technology will hep our kids to grow normally and in harmony.

  4. Perry Saxton 12 years ago

    I heard that same concept from one of the psychologists’ theories and is believed to be quite credible. I admire how you take interest in this. Great contribution you have made, keep it up!

    • Author
      ilainie 12 years ago

      Thank you Perry. I am glad the psychologists see the validity of this kind of learning. I’ve seen it first hand. Much love and light to you and happy 2012!!

  5. vl 12 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this positive message. I have had much internal turmoil over my child’s education. As I felt Preschool was beneficial and necessary for me to earn an income to support us, I told myself I would not let my child attend Kindergarten at a public school, where they take kids out of circles and move them into rows. I now have an opportunity to take my child overseas while I work and feel it may be best to un-school instead of home-school. Just looking for ways to interact with international children. 

    Thank you again. 

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