3 Figures From Folklore I Hope We Never Run Into – Part 4

3 Figures From Folklore I Hope We Never Run Into – Part 4
April 15, 2011 Lainie Liberti

Written by Miro:

Part IV

Parts I, Parts II & Parts III can be found here .

Welcome back to Creatures from Folklore I hope we never run into! Its been a while, but have no fear! I shall continue….

Lets start with the Ahool.

The Ahool is from Indonesia and is claimed to be a Huge bat, or flying primate. It was first recorded in 1925. It is said to live in the rain forests of Java. It is described to have a monkey/primate head with large beady eyes, large claws on its fore arms, each the size of an infant, and gray fur everywhere. It has a ridiculous wing span, twice the size of the biggest recorded bat. It might also be an un-extinct pterodactyl.

Next, the MoMo.

The Momo (short for Missouri Monster) Is a 7’ft tall biped (I describe it like a black walking rug). It has been seen a few times. It is a tall primate that is covered head to toe in black fur. You can’t even see its face (if it has one, that is.). The two most famous sightings  (I found some of this stuff on a site NOT Wikipedia) were in the 70’s. The first one was when two ladies had a picnic outside the forest near a road, and the Momo was just standing there, right outside of the forest. they both saw it and ran to the car, but realized they left the keys in the purse which the Momo was now standing over. They panicked as the Momo walked closer (You would too.). It stood outside the car and peered into the window, just staring (assuming it has
eyes). Eventually, it got bored and took food from the picnic-basket. Another sighting, a mother and a young girl were minding there own business in a parked car, when all of a sudden, a Momo jumped from the shadows, reached his arm through the open window, and punched they young girl in the face.


The next one is the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp.

The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp is from South Carolina, and was first reported in 1988 by a 17 year old boy, coming home from a late shift at work. On his way home, one of the tires bursted, so he got out of the car to fix it. as he was fixing the tire, he heard running behind him. He turned around to see a 7’ft tall scaly green man with glowing red eyes. He thought “screw the tire” and got in the car, then locking it. He saw it attacking the car. He noticed three long fingers and long black nails. Eventually the lizardman jumped on top of the car when the boy started to drive away. He zig-zagged back and fourth and the lizardman flew off the car into the lake next to the road. The car was badly damaged. Broken rear view mirrors and scratch marks on the top.

Thanks for tuning in! Until next time! Oh, and you may want to avoid these creatures, as they are not so friendly.


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