Zombie survival guide: Everything you need to know about the Zed.

Zombie survival guide: Everything you need to know about the Zed.
April 3, 2011 Miro Sevin Siegel

Written by Miro:

Zombie survival guide:

Everything you need to know about the Zed.

1. First things first, find a weapon. Something silent, like a pipe or a bat, so stay away from chainsaws. They are very loud, and they get blood everywhere. Guns are probably going to be hard to find, and ammo is a rarity. Stick to melee.

2. If a zombie approaches, and you are unarmed, grab it by the neck and push it back. As long as you hold its neck back, it can’t bite you.

3. If you have a gun but no ammo, don’t hesitate to use silverware as bullets.

4. Destroy the brain. Without the brain, the zombie is just a slimy mess.

5. Run from most zombies, and kill the ones blocking your path.

6. Don’t tick off other survivors. They might be your only chance.

7. Cover up all your wounds. If zombie blood gets into your eyes, mouth, or open wound, you get infected (this is why chainsaws are not the weapon of choice).

8. Zombies are highly flammable. Use this to your advantage.

9. You can distract zombies with meat and flesh.

10. Zombies are stupid; they can’t use simple mechanisms like elevators or cars.

11. Zombies are like moths. They are highly attracted to light. This can be useful for setting up a trap.

12. Zombies will still take falling damage.

13. Zombies can smell you coming. They are like dogs, but not as smart.

14. You will still need to do everyday things like eat, drink and sleep.

15. Zombies can’t swim, so you could live on a boat if you wanted to.

16. Get out of a big city. Lower populations means less people that
were possibly infected.

17. Zombies have red eyes. They also don’t have any iris’s. If a survivor has similar eye features, they are not really a survivor.

18. It might be smart to rally a group of survivors, there is a higher rate of survival in groups.

19. Dead people might have some useful stuff. They won’t be needing it anymore. Also, be quick. They might turn into zombies on you.

20. Dangerous animals are still around. They’ll kill anything in
sight. Just avoid them.

21. Pick up supplies whenever possible. Water, Food and Medical stuffs are essential to survival.

That’s all you need to know about the ‘Zed’.

On a side note, a fellow traveler named ‘Z’ from the blog The 9-year-old strikes back wrote a blog post entitled Zombie survival for n0obs . You should read his list too when you get the chance.



  1. Asiabird01 13 years ago

    Haha! Great post! I’m a huge Zombie fan too. Here’s another tip for when Zombies attack. Wear leather, it’s harder to bite through. 🙂

  2. Theodora 13 years ago

    Wow! I know you’ll cope well in a zombie attack, Miro. So tell me… Where are you now? And where would you go to survive if a zombie epidemic hit? Where would you take Mom?

  3. Tye 13 years ago

    This is great. My 9 year old son totally loves zombies, zombie movies, and characters. Love it

  4. Deone 13 years ago

    Bone up on cross bows and bow and arrows too.

  5. Ste 12 years ago

    dear fellow fellow zombie slayer, i see you are attempting to inform others on how to survive the zombie acockalypse. i also see that you like to pull facts straight out of your ass. I for one am a researcher at tricell tech in the zombie sector and we have studied many a zombies in our day, so you could say i am an expert in this field. You stated “You can distract zombies with meat and flesh.” this is 100% complete bullhorse. Through thorough investigation we have discovered the only goal of the zombie virus is to reproduce my going after unaffected humans to spread the virus, zombies to not have functioning organs and therefore have no eat flesh. secondly,zombies do not have red eyes and infact their whole eyes go black. so in conclusion you are an absolute retard and will be one of the first people to die in such an event when the government decides to let them loose to manage the population on the earth.

    • Author

      Hello Ste, Welcome to our website. I apologize for not having the privilege to work with actual zombies. To be fair, if you know that they’re coming then why not overlook this post and prepare yourself? I’m starting to think that you have nothing better to do than rant on a kids post. Seriously, you should probably have something better to do. First off, zombies have undying hunger. It’s the only feeling they have. They don’t try and bite you to infect you, they try and bite you to get a good chunk. I love how you’re calling me an “Absolute retard” When you can’t even do punctuation or capitalize.

      Sincerely, Miro.

      P.S. I would think that such a renowned person in the “Zombie sector” would know how to spell apocalypse. Just my thought.

  6. barbie bebek 11 years ago

    It truly is truly a terrific as well as valuable item of information. I’m fulfilled that you simply shared this convenient details along with us. You should stop us up to date in this way. Many thanks for giving.

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