We Need Your Help- Vote for Us!

We Need Your Help- Vote for Us!
November 26, 2010 Lainie Liberti


A little late to the game, but better late than never, I always say.  I stumbled upon this contest called Blog Your Way Around the World and of course, Miro and I think we’d be perfect for it! The contest launched in May and ends on December 31st. We entered on November 25, giving us a little more than 1 month to win… But we can do it! I’m sure of that, only with your help. It takes only 10 seconds to enter your name and email and click vote for us. The person (or in our case “team”) with the most votes win. We need almost 2,000 votes to win, and I think we can do it. Please help us out by clicking on this link.

Why would you vote for us?
Well, here’s our story: (also found on the voting page)

Meet Lainie, 44, single mother, ex- business owner, artist, designer, writer, creative thinker, activist, liberal,  dog lover, culture-jammer, costume wearing instigating human being who is currently exploring the world with her 11 year old son, a bright lad named Miro.

Meet Miro, 11 years wise, not super athletic and prefers fiddling with all things tech. He likes bricks, card tricks, wearing a cape and playing RPG’s. He’s uber intelligent, charming, articulate and funny. He’ll  engage you in his fantastic imaginative worlds, surprise jump on your shoulders for the occasional piggy back ride while telling you a library of  “…a guy walks into a bar…” jokes.

That’s us and together, we have hit the road on an open-ended  journey around the planet.




Well, in 2008 the economy took a tumble and businesses in California were greatly effected. I worked in marketing within the non-profit sector, which was hit hard. After a tough year, I recalled the most pressing question running through my head, “just how much lemonade can we survive on?”

Always optimistic,  my son and I discussed our options, and agreed it was time for a change; sell or give away everything we owned and hit the road for a simpler life of exploration, service and adventure. We decided on Central and South America as our jumping off point spilling into our around the world adventure.

Miro and I have chosen to adapt a nomadic lifestyle based on the trust we have in each other, and in life itself. This includes living in the present moment, staying inspired, and participating in the world  without fear. After a year and a half of  traveling, we remain excited about the possibilities, optimistic about the future and ‘Oh, the places we’ll go’… courtesy of  the “Blog Your Way Around the World” contest.

We want to win!

We wish to share the world through our eyes and inspire your desire to experience the world  as a “global citizen” versus a tourist. Let’s uncover local history together, explore culture  and authentically connect with one another.

We are a mother and son, living a nomadic lifestyle with eyes wide open, hearts filled with joy and gratitude. Winning this contest would open up the world a little more for us, and provide a superb vehicle to inspire others.

Thank you for your vote!

With much gratitude we thank you!!!!


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