Hello Mom, on the move again

Hello Mom, on the move again
December 7, 2009 Lainie Liberti

Quick note… checking in..


Sorry we didn’t call yesterday, we couldn’t get a connection via the vonage phone, and I kept on checking to see if you randomly signed on to skype…
Anyway, we’ve just arrived here in Copan, Honduras, which is the north of the country. It´s a beautiful town and it looks like there is much to do here. There are the famous ruins, horse back riding, waterfalls, etc.

We´re planning on staying here for 5 days and then we´re oft to Antigua after that.

We stayed in the capital for the last 4 days with a host, Arturo. He and his family own one of the private schools (k-12) in the city and are very wealthy. Our experience of the city was very sheltered, shopping malls, sight seeing, dinners, etc. Even if we weren’t staying with Arturo, my impression of the capital Tegucigalpa, is it´s just like LA or the valley, actually. Strange, very Americanized and not one hint of an election that took place the week before.

Honduras is a strange country in that regards. I didn´t expect such a modern country, with every American brand, store and restaurant you can think of. The people here are much better off than those in Nicaragua which is the poorest country in Central America. I see the contrast now.

Anyway, hope you had  wonderful week after Thanksgiving. We loved seeing you and the pups and the amazing bird you cooked!!! Sending much love your way and I´ll write back in a few days with more on what we’ve seen in this magical place.


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