Copán Ruins best experienced with cape.

Copán Ruins best experienced with cape.
December 7, 2009 Lainie Liberti

The Copán Ruins are evidence of a great Mayan city, which reached its peak between 600 and 800 BC. Archeologists believe the city was completely abandoned by 1200 BC and the jungle surrounded the city grew over the remains.

The grounds are sprawling, and most of the buildings are well preserved including the Great Plaza, the ball court, the hieroglyphic staircase, and the building known as the “Acropolis”. Copán Ruins are often referred to as the Paris of the Mayan world because of the huge stone stelas, impressive tablets covered in Mayan hieroglyphs.

Upon arriving at the ruins you are greeted by the songs of red guacamayas (macaws) as they fly freely throughout ruins which gives you a feeling of authenticity. The site of the ruins are set among acacias, the sacred ceiba trees and other huge ancient leafy trees creating a magical jungle atmosphere and a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. The ruins are well-preserved, and invited us to explore.

Copán ruins is one of those places where you start explore the building, try to imagine the civilization in full swing, try to listen for the sounds of a once vital city and just when you think that you are at the end, but then you turn a corner, and there´s more. At one point I had to just sit down. No, not from all the walking. I had to sit and appreciate this magical place.

We were blessed by seeing a Cieba tree in bloom. These trees are the sacred trees of the Mayans and once a year, they offer a cotton-like flower, a gift from the Gods.. And we were given this gift on the majestic grounds of Copán Ruins.

Miro floated from building to building all whilst wearing his back cape. Our experience was surreal, like that. The ancient artwork in the form intricate carvings throughout the ruins made it difficult for me to tear myself from, but alas, I needed to keep up with my caped crusader. We laughed and played and in no way, did I feel this was disrespectful to this once thriving metropolis. Laughter and playfulness is the core of all civilizations, so we continued to honor this once great culture.

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